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This encyclopedia exists to detail the works compiled by bead man (and associates) relating to the philosophy or content of the shin megami tensei series, and its various spinoffs.

The purpose of this encyclopedia is multifaceted. The pages here detail information about the in-game content of the games, as well as the ways the thematic content ties in to the real life philosophies or religions they derive from. But it also contains general information about these religions or philosophies themselves, enough to get a general idea of the full thing that is being referenced. Enough that it can also be used as a quick overview of the various philosophies or religions in general. This information about the religions does not go into infinite depth about aspects that are not directly game-related, but is streamlined to cover most of the major highlights of the things being discussed quickly to give a more rounded understanding of the religions as a whole. Which is useful for context of understanding how they are referenced in-game. Note however that this encyclopedia does not contain the plot synopsis of any games, as those are already not difficult to come by. But it will detail aspects of the plots as they relate to the themes.

For the sake of quality control this cannot be an open wiki. But if you have any information you think should be included, you can contact bead man on reddit as /u/bunker_man. There will be updates from time to time, to cover new topics, or to add more information about the most recent games.


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Pages on the encyclopedia


Side specific

1: Ethics and politics of alignments

2: Spiritual concepts of the sides

3: Theistic perspectives of the alignments

4: Pantheistic perspectives of the alignments

5: Symbols and aesthetics of the sides

6: Outfits and locations of the sides

7: Transhumanism

8: Environmentalism and ecology

9: Binary oppositions


10: Metaphysics and cosmology

11: Physics and philosophy of physics

12: Hegel and Hegelianism

13: Nietzsche and Nietzscheanism

14: Philosophy of technology


15: Philosophy of mind

16: Philosophy of agency and free will

17: Carl Jung

18: Other psychology and sociology

19: Sexuality and gender

20: Death

21: Phenomenology

22: Existentialism


23: East asian studies - Japan

24: Jedi and Sith

25: Cthulhu Mythos

26: Movie and literature references



27: Christianity and Judaism

28: Heterodox Christianity

29: Gnosticism

30: Kabbalah

31: Dead sea scrolls

32: The Divine Comedy

33: Knights Templar

34: Islam

35: Alchemy

36: Satanism


37: Buddhism and Hinduism

38: Shinto

39: Taoism

40: Shugendo

41: Confucianism

42: Mohism

43: Cao Dai

44: Other Chinese religion


45: Greek mythology

46: Plato (and legacy)

47: Aristotle (and legacy)

48: Stoicism

49: Epicureanism

50: Pythagoreanism

51: Other philosophy schools

Other religion

52: Comparative mythology

53: Norse mythology

54: Irish mythology

55: Sumerian-Babylonian mythology

56: Canaanite religion

57: Zoroastrianism

58: Mithraic mysteries

59: Egyptian mythology

60: Native american religion

61: Theosophy

62: UFO religion

63: Tarot

64: Astrology

65: Modern paganism

Ancillary pages

The pages in this section are pages that are not directly about megaten games, but are about media that either has a direct relation to megaten, or closely related themes.

1: Devilman

2: Undertale

3: Doki Doki Literature Club

4: Neon Genesis Evangelion

5: Chrono Cross

6: Rabbits

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